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karbach brewing co cover

The Karbach Brewing Co. in Houston, Texas

My husband, as many others, is on the craft brewed beer kick. He loves a good, cold craft beer. Recently we had a date day and went to the Karbach Brewing Co. in Houston, Texas. This rapidly growing brewery has a restaurant, outdoor Biergarten, tastings, tours and production on site. It is quite larger than […]

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Target title piece

Target Is A Homeschoolers Best Friend

Whether you are new to homeschooling or a seasoned veteran you know it can be quite expensive. The curriculum is typically costly and by the time you add-on all the little learning games and manipulatives you might be left feeling like you will have to sell a few organs just to pay for your child’s […]

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Consistency Is The Key To Unlocking Your Dreams

 Many of us wonder, why successful people are successful? What makes them so different from me? Do they just have more luck? Nine times out of ten the answer is one word, CONSISTENCY! They are consistent in what they do. Whether you are a blogger or a weightlifter consistency is the key. For me, I […]

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sam houston title

The Sam Houston Statue aka The Tall Man In The Trees

Living in Houston, Texas now we drive back to north Texas to visit family quite often. Our favorite route heading north is highway 45. My kids have several landmarks they watch for so they know how close we are. One of their favorites they affectionately named  “The Tall Man In The Trees”, better known as […]

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galveston post featured image

Fun Filled Day Trip to Galveston, Texas

Galveston, Texas is a fun little coastal island that is one of the top tourist destinations in the US. Lucky for me we live about 45 minutes from the island an often make it our Saturday fun destination. There are so many things to do in Galveston you could easily stay busy for a week […]

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Living Life With A Traveling Husband

My husband Brad works out-of-town a lot, traveling the world with work. He can be gone anywhere from a few days to a month at a time. To top it off, we typically don’t get much notice of his travel plans. I am a WAHM and his work schedule can definitely cause friction in our marriage […]

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