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garlic fi

GARLIC – A girl’s best friend

Ok guys this is one of those “Tells All” posts. I told y’all I was getting real and it don’t get much realer than this right here. Please sit down before you read this because I don’t want any of you little faint hearted thangs to pass out on me. Any lady can tell you […]

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Gameroom During3FI

How To Update Wood Paneling

When we bought our “ugly house” we loved the size, layout and area but, it was soooo very nasty and dated. To get my feet wet one of the first projects I tackled was updating the game room. It was carpeted in a tan pee stained carpet. There was a lovely 80’s orangey paneling covered […]

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why we bought FI

Why We Bought The “Ugly” House

Many of you know we moved to the Houston area last year. We rented our first year here to become familiar with the areas and make sure Brad’s job worked out before we went off and made the huge investment of buying a home. After a year of living in a home with only vanilla colored […]

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The Queen B Is Getting Real

I want to start out apologizing to my loyal readers. I’m afraid I failed you terribly last year. I started Queen B tells all as a blog to inspire, teach and share with my readers. I wanted to be real but, I fell into the trap that many of us bloggers fall in. Although pretending […]

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