Monthly Archives: March 2016

bench fi

New Life For An Old Bench

Spring is in the air and I want to add color everywhere! I recently stained my porch swing, fixed up my flowerbeds and re-vamped my front door. I wanted to add more color and cuteness to my front porch so I decided to attack the girls old bench. My mom gave us this little bench a […]

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hide a key2

Easy Way To Hide A Key

Each of us has had to leave a key for someone at our home before. It might have been for a repairman, family member or dog sitter but, at some point it has happened. We use to always hide them under the door mat but with robberies being so frequent it just isn’t a safe […]

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sahm lonely

Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Can Be Lonely

This was not a post I planned on writing today but, I realized it was a story that needed to be told. I was reading a blog post at and I read a quote that really hit home. Many people think being a stay-at-home mom must be the life. They picture laid back days of […]

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veggie was fi

Homemade Fruit & Vegetable Wash That Works

This is such an easy tip I don’t know why I haven’t shared it before. We all know the fruit and vegetables you buy at the grocery store are covered in wax, pesticide residue and bacteria from all those hands. I try to buy organic or from the farmer’s market but, sometimes with our busy […]

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half bath fi

DIY Bold Bathroom Cabinet

I’m currently in the process of antiquing all the cabinets in my house. They are all white or gray. This is ok for most of the house but, I wanted something bolder for my guest bath. It’s small and there isn’t a lot of room for accessories without making it look cluttered. Therefore I decided […]

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garage doorfi

$16 Garage Door Makeover

I am completely and totally stoked about this post guys. I have been dying to share. Over the weekend I finally got the courage to stain my garage doors to look like wood doors. Yes, faux finishing my garage doors. I had seen a ton of posts online and thought it looked cool but, wasn’t sure […]

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rabbit fi

Don’t Give Up On Things You Love

Most of us have at least one sentimental piece in our home. Mine was a 2 1/2 foot tall ceramic rabbit statue that belonged to my grandmother. Back about 6 years ago my oldest daughter dropped my rabbit and shattered her into a thousand pieces. I was able to glue her head back on and […]

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table fi

Free To Fabulous Table

I had a poor little table gifted to me about a year and a half ago. I use the term “gifted” loosely. They were actually cleaning out a storage building and asked if I wanted it before they trashed it. I wish I had taken a picture when I first got it. It had a […]

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bulletproof coffee fi

Bullet Proof Coffee – My Morning Lifesaver

Having 4 kids, 2 pets, a traveling hubby, homeschooling, remodeling and  working from home I have to have something to help me get going everyday. That little something is my lifesaver, Bulletproof Coffee! Now y’all this ain’t no ordinary coffee. This stuff gives you the energy of a 3 year-old! One cup and I can tell […]

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flowerbeds fi

Exterior Renovations: Flowerbeds

Ding, ding, ding round 4! So far with my exterior renovations of my “Ugly House” I have had the trees trimmed. Had the front windows replaced. And replaced the mailbox. Round 4 I attacked the overgrown, neglected front flowerbeds. They were pretty bad. I trimmed them a lot when we closed on the house but, they needed an overhaul. […]

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