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cherry dump cake fi

Cherry Dump Cake Recipe

Have I the perfect summer get together dessert for y’all? Oooh y’all, Cherry Dump Cake is it!! Cherry Dump Cake is super simple, only 3 ingredients and no dirty mixing bowls. Plus, it is so stinkin’ good you’ll want to slap yo granny! To make it you only need: 2 cans of cherry pie filling (or […]

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orchid fi

How to water an orchid

I received a beautiful orchid for Mother’s Day. Although beautiful, orchids can be persnickety about how you water them. This quick tip is how to easily water an orchid and keep it happy. Orchids don’t need to be watered often but, when they are watered, they like it to be a slow watering. The easiest […]

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reading log fi

Summer Reading Log – Free Printables

Summer is upon us! Time for the kids to finally relax and play. If your anything like me you want those kiddos to have a fun summer but, you want to make sure they keep those brains active. One of the easiest ways to keep them learning and still have fun is by reading. I […]

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cinnamon roll waffles fi

Quick & Easy Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Summers can be crazy busy y’all. Between work, camps, trips, laundry and practice there isn’t much time left in the day to be a domestic diva. Even though it’s busy, sometimes I want to feel like a good mom and give my kids something more than cereal or a granola bar for breakfast. That’s where […]

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poodle skirt fi

Poodle Skirt Tutorial & a fun date with dad

Recently, the girls had the best date night with dad. It was a sock hop hosted by our church. To get ready for the sock hop we had to have poodle skirts and monogram t-shirts, of course. I purchased the following supplies from Hobby Lobby to create the girl’s 50’s look. To make the poodle […]

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blogger burn out

Blogger Burnout & How To Avoid It

I must say when it comes to blogger burnout I think I’m an expert. Blogging has been a part of my life for three years now and in that time I have had three different blogs and stopped blogging a thousand times. Blogger burnout is real, but together we can overcome it! Lately I have […]

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ribbon storage FI

How To Store All Your Ribbon

As a “Crafter Extraordinaire” I have a ton of craft supplies y’all. One of my many supplies is ribbon. After we moved I was trying to figure out what to do with all my smaller rolls of ribbon.  In the past I had stored my ribbon on dowels like this.    Photo via If you don’t […]

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etsy over amazon fi

Why I chose Etsy over Handmade at Amazon

I had to shut my brick and mortar craft shop down a while back when we moved to Houston, Texas. Recently, I decided to re-open but keeping it online for now. I have my own website but, I wanted to list on a larger site as well to get more traffic and exposure. I researched all […]

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memorial day wreath fi

Memorial Day / 4th of July Wreath Tutorial

I love to make wreaths and deco mesh wreaths are my favorite y’all. Deco mesh wreaths are so simple, fun and versatile. Once you know the basics of how to make one, the sky is the limit.  Today I’m going to teach you the basics with a Memorial Day or 4th of July wreath. This […]

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cleaning essentialsfi

4 Easy Routines To Keep Your Home Tidy

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on the product link and make a purchase, I’ll receive compensation. All of my opinions are my own.  I like to keep my house tidy but, having 4 kids, a dog and a cat it can be a challenge. I think we do a pretty […]

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