#1 Way To Stay On Budget & Save Time At The Grocery Store

Let me just preface this post by stating this IS NOT a sponsored post. These are my real opinions about my real experiences.

With a family of 6 I’m always looking for a way to save time and money at the grocery store. Shopping with 4 kids takes forever! Plus, we always get a bunch of stuff, not planned, because we all get tempted by the smancy displays. Well, apparently stores have been listening to worn out, frustrated moms like myself.

My numero uno way to save time and money at the grocery store is (drum roll please) CURBSIDE SERVICE. You may be asking yourself, what is curbside service? Curbside service is where you order your groceries and other products online and pick-up your order at the store.

I know it sounds like no big deal but, this is a game changer for moms y’all!

I typically get groceries at Kroger but, other big stores like HEB, Walmart, CVS, Giant Eagle, Meijer’s and Target are giving it a try too. They are all starting in limited locations but, I think it will spread to all locations fairly quickly.

Let me break down the process for you.

  • We are trying to eat cleaner so after the kids have gone to bed I plan my meals for the week and make out my grocery list at the same time.
  • Since I shop at Kroger I then go on my Kroger app and load digital coupons to my Kroger card.
  • I also check thru my paper coupons to pull any I can use.
  • Then on my app I click on shop ClickList.
  • After that I simply select all my groceries. You can order produce, deli meats, office supplies, anything in the store. You can even add special instructions like how to slice your deli ham or how firm you want your tomatoes. As you are selecting items it adds them to your cart and gives you a running total.

clicklist app

  • Next you select the day and time you want to pick-up your groceries, review your order and submit it.

You get a nice little confirmation email and then you can rest well knowing your grocery shopping is done.

When it’s time to pick-up your order you simply go to the store and park in the designated parking.

click list sign

You call a phone number on the sign, tell them who you are and what lane you are in.

click list park

Within minutes a friendly crew comes out with all your groceries.

clicklist service

They review your order and you pay by credit or debit in the parking lot. You can also give them any paper coupons you have during this time too. Then they load your groceries and you are off with your goodies. The entire pick-up process literally takes under 10 minutes y’all.

Next time, I shop online it’s even easier because the app remembers my favorite products. Say what?!

This service is such a game changer for busy moms like myself because it allows me to only purchase what I had planned and put on my grocery list. Sticking to my list allows me to easily stay in budget. Plus, shopping online allowed me to take my time, review sales and go thru my coupons, saving me even more money.  I apparently spend a ton on crap I hadn’t planned because my typical grocery store trips cost $250  a week and with this trip it was $127. It also helped me with clean eating because I’m not tempted by those evil candy bars in the checkout lane. Plus, I don’t have to deal with the kids begging for every little thing they see. Heck, I don’t even have to deal with the kids because I shopped while they were asleep. Yeah! And did I mention it was quick? Just think y’all, no standing in a checkout line for 15 minutes just to see the cashier flip her light on for manager assistance.

Y’all may never see me in a store again. Especially Walmart. Oh man, y’all don’t want to get me started on how much I despise going into a Walmart store.

Next time you need to go to the store look and see if any nearby stores offer curbside service. If so, you gotta give it a try. I know you’ll love it.


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