How To Add Farmhouse Chic With A Metal Crate

I loooove Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines so, of course, I have farmhouse chic touches in my home. My most recent obsessions are metal crates. My mom was moving and had one in her “give away” pile and I just had to have it! Of course, I had no idea what I was going to do with it but, I knew I needed  it.

Metal crates are so versatile y’all! They are a great way to add a farmhouse touch to any home.

Pinterest (another love of mine ♥) has some great ideas of how to style a metal crate. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.


Photo via Etsy

Using a crate to make a vignette is an awesome idea! This would be precious on a dresser.



Photo via Kitchn

Hanging crates on the wall for storage is perfect. This book display is too cute. Toys in a kids room would be cute displayed like this as well.



Photo via For Emma, Forever Ago

A crate full of blankets is a great way to add utilitarianism as well as beauty. This would be great by a fireplace or near the couch.

So back to my crate. Here is the one I got from my mom.

crate before

I ended up deciding to place mine on the bar in my kitchen and put my cookbooks in it.

crate with books

This worked out perfect for me because before my cookbooks were on a shelf in my living room that I had to get a stool out to reach. Now they are easy to use plus, seeing them reminds me to use them. Win, win!

crate bottle

It looked a little sparse with just books so I found this bottle for $1 at the Dollar Tree and placed a cutting of my ivy in it.

crate after

Next time you see an old crate don’t pass it up. Grab that baby and add some farmhouse chic to your home!

Are y’all as crazy about farmhouse style as I am?


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