DIY Behavior Chart

We all know it’s hard to get anything done with kids misbehaving. My littles are 4 and 6 and they fight like a couple of cats.  Over the summer they really got out of control and with the home school year starting I knew I had to do something. My girls respond to visuals so I knew a behavior cart would be the way to go. I searched Pinterest but, most were sticker charts. In our home sticker charts work for a bit but, eventually I can’t take it anymore. I’ve noticed that all those unevenly placed little stickers kick my OCD into overdrive and after a week I begin to think one more haphazard placed sticker and I’m going to go bananas! Yes, I may have issues but, that’s beyond the point. The point is I wanted a visual chart that was nice and orderly. I saw a few I liked, tweeked them and it turned out perfect.

My supplies were 1 piece of corrugated white poster board, 1 piece of black poster board, 7 pieces of different colored 8.5 x 11 card stock, double sided tape, approx. 10 inches of ribbon and adhesive backed velcro (or you could use hot glue in place of the velcro).

behavior chart 1

Next I printed these words on my card stock: Awesome, Good Job, Ready For The Day, Oops, Warning, 5 Minutes and Lose Privilege (Yup, I misspelled it on my chart. Nice mom moment. I’ll change it before we get to that word in spelling. LOL)

behavior chart 2


Next, I cut the card stock words out into even size strips. I laid them out on my corrugated poster board to decide the length I needed. Then I cut my white poster board lengthwise and made it a  little wider than my card stock. After that I cut the black poster board a little larger than the white. I placed it on the white, wrapped the edges around and taped them down with double sided tape. I also attached the ribbon with some left over velcro I had so it would hang.

behavior chart 3

I attached the cut out words to the front with double sided tape.

behavior chart 5

I used little chalk board clips from Hobby Lobby for each child’s name.

behavior chart 6

I hung ours in the entryway so it is always visible. I hung it over the chair rail so it is away from the wall and easier to move their clips.

behavior chart 8

As incentive to be good, if they end the day on good job they get 2 tickets. If they end the day on awesome they get 5 tickets. They also get tickets throughout the week if they do good on school work. On Friday they are allowed to go shopping in the treasure box with their tickets. Prizes in the treasure box range from 5 tickets to 50 tickets. I use colored garage sale stickers to designate the price of each item. If they want they can choose to save their tickets for a big prize.

behavior chart 7

I was truly shocked at how quickly they have shaped up. They really aim to end on “Good Job” or “Awesome” and are really upset when they go down on the chart. This has made a huge impact on their daily behavior. Plus, it’s so pretty and orderly (cheer for mom). I now spend less time trying to get out of control kids to act half way decent and have more time to chase my dreams!


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2 comments on “DIY Behavior Chart”

  1. iva Reply

    You are right. It looks very nice. And anything that helps a child to focus on their work is a good thing.

  2. ashlei Reply

    This is awesome! Great job on creating it to fit their/your needs. Visual behavior charts are definitely researched-based, so yay for you mom!!!! Thank you for the tutorial, as I sure should get my buns into gear making one for my little minion.

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