Spooktacular Kid’s Halloween Dinner

It’s cool and crisp outside which means fall is upon us. Pumpkins are out and the leaves are falling.  Halloween is just around the corner y’all.  This is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the cooler days and the fact that you can get just about anything in pumpkin flavor.

To get my kids as excited as I am I made them a Spooktacular Halloween Dinner.



To start this fancy feast I made Jack-o-lantern Macaroni Cups. To make them I simply drew cute little faces on clear plastic cups with a Sharpie.



Then I filled them with yummy macaroni and cheese. I placed a piece of broccoli on top for the stem. Adorable!



For our main course we had Mummy Dogs. To make them you only need crescent rolls and hot dog wieners.



We used the crescents to wrap our mummies. To get the crescents ready simply lay them out and cut them into strips. A pizza cutter works great for this.



Then simply wrap them around your hot dogs. I used a knife to cut two little slits for the eyes before I baked them. Bake them per the crescent roll package instructions.



To top off our dinner we had to have a ghoulish dessert. Of course, brain cupcakes were the perfect fit! To start I had my lovely assistant make red velvet cupcakes per package instructions.


For the brains I used plain store bought icing.



Then I made an easy piping bag with a sandwich bag. To do this put your icing in the sandwich bag and then just cut the tip of a corner off. Whola! The perfect piping bag.



To make the icing look like brains I simply iced a straight line down the middle with two squiggly lines on each side.



They turned out super cute and the red velvet cake was a fun surprise.



When we set the table for our Spooktacular Halloween Dinner we added a few candles and skeletons to set the mood.



Now we are all in the mood and ready for the fun of fall! This was such a fun and easy dinner. Try it with your kids. I’m sure they will love it too!

I can’t end this post without a cute little pic of my lovely assistant Bennie. She had a great time helping mommy bake.



Don’t little ones just make your heart melt? Y’all have a great Halloween!


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