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DIY Clutter Keeper Basket

Being the self proclaimed domestic diva that I am, I like to keep my home relatively tidy at all times. One area that is always a challenge is the girls toys. They have a playroom upstairs but it never fails by afternoon they have a ton of toys scattered throughout the downstairs. A few times […]

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How to water an orchid

I received a beautiful orchid for Mother’s Day. Although beautiful, orchids can be persnickety about how you water them. This quick tip is how to easily water an orchid and keep it happy. Orchids don’t need to be watered often but, when they are watered, they like it to be a slow watering. The easiest […]

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How To Store All Your Ribbon

As a “Crafter Extraordinaire” I have a ton of craft supplies y’all. One of my many supplies is ribbon. After we moved I was trying to figure out what to do with all my smaller rolls of ribbon.  In the past I had stored my ribbon on dowels like this.    Photo via If you don’t […]

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4 Easy Routines To Keep Your Home Tidy

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on the product link and make a purchase, I’ll receive compensation. All of my opinions are my own.  I like to keep my house tidy but, having 4 kids, a dog and a cat it can be a challenge. I think we do a pretty […]

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How To Introduce Bed Making

I love a made bed. Making your bed first thing in the morning is a quick way to make you feel like you are starting the day productive. Plus, it is so relaxing at night to pull back the blankets on a made bed and crawl in. In our home everyone makes their bed every morning. I […]

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DIY Craft Paint Storage

Y’all know I’m a craftin’ Queen! Well with that comes a ton of craft supplies. I recently cleaned out my craft closet for the thousandth time and couldn’t decide what to do with all my craft paints. I have just a few bottles. I’ve tried totes and buckets in the past. I really wanted something out […]

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Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away Review

It’s spring cleaning time and I have heard lots of you guys asking about vacuum cleaners. Well considering how quickly I can burn thru vacuums I think I am a bit of an expert in this field. About 5 months ago I killed another Hoover vacuum and replaced it with the Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away. Immediately […]

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Homemade Fruit & Vegetable Wash That Works

This is such an easy tip I don’t know why I haven’t shared it before. We all know the fruit and vegetables you buy at the grocery store are covered in wax, pesticide residue and bacteria from all those hands. I try to buy organic or from the farmer’s market but, sometimes with our busy […]

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How To Introduce Chores

Having 4 kids I can tell you I am a pro at starting kids at chores. I have had so many people ask, at what age do you start chores and how do you introduce chores? Well guys here is how I do it. I begin to nonchalantly mention things like lets pick up your toys […]

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Erin Condren Life Planner Review

I absolutely love, Love, LOVE planners!!! I am constantly looking for the newest biggest one I can find. I’ve tried to use the calendar on my phone but, it doesn’t give me near the satisfaction I get from spending countless hours in deep thought with a big planner and a multi-compartment pencil bag full of […]

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