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Show Your Grandparent’s You Love Them

Y’all guess what this Sunday, the 11th of September is? It’s Grandparent’s Day!   The one day a year that’s all about those lovin’, huggin’, spoilin’ folks we call grandma an grandpa. Call your grandparents or better yet stop by for a visit if you can. Let them know they are special. It’s a great […]

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chase your dreams fi

What It Takes To Chase Your Dreams

My ultimate goal with this blog is to inspire you to chase your dreams. So let me inspire you today! No matter if you are young or old, we all have dreams. Although we all have dreams not many have the courage to live their dreams. We have a tendency to limit ourselves by our […]

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sahm lonely

Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Can Be Lonely

This was not a post I planned on writing today but, I realized it was a story that needed to be told. I was reading a blog post at and I read a quote that really hit home. Many people think being a stay-at-home mom must be the life. They picture laid back days of […]

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Shelter Pet FI

How Shelter Pets Have Changed Our Home

About 9 years ago our tiny Yorkie, Bo, was hit by a car and passed away. He was an ornery little thing but, we missed him. Soon after his passing I found a Yorkie mix at a shelter and thought he could fill the hole left in our family. I never imagined how this decision […]

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The Queen B Is Getting Real

I want to start out apologizing to my loyal readers. I’m afraid I failed you terribly last year. I started Queen B tells all as a blog to inspire, teach and share with my readers. I wanted to be real but, I fell into the trap that many of us bloggers fall in. Although pretending […]

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Consistency Is The Key To Unlocking Your Dreams

 Many of us wonder, why successful people are successful? What makes them so different from me? Do they just have more luck? Nine times out of ten the answer is one word, CONSISTENCY! They are consistent in what they do. Whether you are a blogger or a weightlifter consistency is the key. For me, I […]

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traveling husband featured pic

Living Life With A Traveling Husband

My husband Brad works out-of-town a lot, traveling the world with work. He can be gone anywhere from a few days to a month at a time. To top it off, we typically don’t get much notice of his travel plans. I am a WAHM and his work schedule can definitely cause friction in our marriage […]

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10 Ways NOT to kill your husband

Has your spouse ever made you so furious you actually considered, for a short moment, killing them? I think most of us who have been married for any length of time have been to this point a time or two. Today I was at that point because my dear sweet husband completely deleted my blog for […]

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